Lillith Samaiel Collurain

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Lillith Samaiel Collurain

Post by mewlillicat on Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:18 pm


Name: Lillith Samaiel Collurain

Sex: Female

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 21

Race: Demon

Kingdom: Dravinas

Height: 5'3

Weight: 100lbs

Hair Color: Platinum blonde/silvery

Eye Color: Ice blue

Marital Status: Single

Demonic Appearance: She gains curled, dark brownish/black ram like horns, large 5 foot tall black leathery wings with a claw at the top, when opened they spread over 25 ft. She gains fangs and her nails sharpen into claws.

General Appearance: Lillith is a petite girl whom is quite curvy. Her face is heart shaped, with almond, ice blue eyes with long lashes, she has a small button nose and sharp cheekbones. She has long platinum blonde hair that reaches below her bottom in curls or waves.

Strengths: Since she's quite small she's often underestimated plus she's usually just looked at for her body before being dismissed until she proves herself in a fight.

Weaknesses: Lillith is not very good at cooking and she can't do light magic.

Positive Traits: Lillith is beautiful and enjoy's children, despite being a demon she's quite kind.

Negative Traits:If Lillith likes you in a romantic way she'll get jealous, plush she's clingy and will often kiss, or hug you unexpectedly.

Likes: Lillith enjoys sweets and cuddles, she's a very loving person. She also likes flowers, children and animals.

Dislikes: She dislikes bullies, people whom abuse others and bad smells.

Habits: Every sunday she'll go to the local orphanage to play with the kids and bring gifts or food.

Goals: She aspires to have the best garden in the kingdom.

Sexual Orientation: Lillith is open to all, she doesn't care who you are. She likes the way act or look.

General Personality: Lillith is kind and very open, she's loving and can sometimes be a bit ditsy/stupid. If angered she will often say things she might not mean and once calm will apologize.

Demonic Power: Lillith is a necromancer and able to summon the dead or souls of the dead, she can bring someone back if she so desired, she can speak to snakes and hypnotize people or beings.

Skills: She's good at dark magic, healing and gardening.

Unique Traits: She's left handed, very rarely does she sing but when she does she's quite good.

Bio: Lillith was born to her mother and father and grew up normally until the age of 14, she was a noble in her former home and that home was attacked by a group of angels who destroyed her home and family along with many other families. She was able to flee to a new kingdom and make a home there.

Pic: (if i can find one I'll update this)

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