The Humans: Settler’s of Matron’s Rock

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The Humans: Settler’s of Matron’s Rock

Post by Dark Dravinas on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:40 pm

The Humans: Settler’s of Matron’s Rock

“The humans are a mortal race, resourceful, brave, courageous. Also lazy, stupid and clumsy, but brave all the same.” -some random elf or something

The settlers of Matron’s Rock were humans who settled the lands after their original home was destroyed by the undead scourge. The lands the settlers had came from was overrun by plagues and the scourge raised and lead by a Lich. Many men,women, and children were killed amidst the scourge coming through the lands and the ones that saw what was happening fled to Matron’s Rock. As settlers all the humans could do to survive there was trade, hunt, and fish until they began to construct homes and shops.
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