The Neath and the Empire of Shadows

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The Neath and the Empire of Shadows

Post by Gedrean_Fyrestrom on Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:23 pm

"There is a world below ours, where shadows take on a substance, a reality which is not seen on the surface. In the world of men and dwarves and elves shadow is merely the abcense of light, but in the Neath, light is the absence of Dark." The philosohper Howlitz from "Light and Dark: Meditations on Physical Properties"

The Neath is a world which exists notionally beneath our own, however, it is a world so alien and different from our own that most philosophers believe it to be a completely other world. Certainly the tales of those who have journeyed there (and managed to return alive) are outlandish. If travelling there take great caution as most of it's natives are not to be trusted and many are openly hostile to surfacers. Of particular note are the Drow, the Ithillid and the Duargar, as well as various cave dwelling beasts which wander into that world via the deep paths. Best of all not to go at all, for besides all these mortal dangers the darkness of the Neath has a strange and corrupting influence on surface dwellers. Even the Drow have wisdom enough to fear the Dark, and seek to placate or ward it off it with sacrifices to their gods.


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